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Performance Opportunities


Masterclass with Connie Almond

 April 27th & 28th

Annual Chamber Music Recital

( SMAC - SD ) May 18th






Piano & Guitar Summer 2024 Recital

2024 summer recital.png
Suzuki Masterclass 2024 Flyer.png

Four Studio Recitals A Year:

- Spring
- Halloween

- Winter/Christmas

Participating in four studio recitals per year provides your piano Suzuki students with a multifaceted approach to musical growth and performance development. Firstly, the frequency of recitals offers consistent milestones and goals for students, fostering a sense of achievement and progression in their musical journey. More importantly, the regular exposure to performance settings helps them become increasingly comfortable and confident when presenting their musical skills to an audience. This not only enhances their stage presence but also contributes to the development of resilience and adaptability in the face of performance pressures. Additionally, the convenience of having multiple recital opportunities throughout the year ensures that students who may miss one event due to unforeseen circumstances still have ample chances to showcase their progress. This approach contrasts favorably with other studios or academies that host fewer recitals, providing your students with a more comprehensive and supportive environment for their artistic development.​


Suzuki Music Association of California -

San Diego Chapter Annual Events:

- Duets & More Recital
-Chamber Recital

- Masterclass with Master Suzuki Teacher

- Spring & Winter Graduations

Belonging to Amanda Limón's piano studio extends far beyond traditional Suzuki instruction, offering a rich tapestry of benefits. Rooted in the Suzuki philosophy, students not only receive exceptional musical training but also gain access to a vibrant community. One notable advantage is the opportunity to participate in Local Chapter events and Suzuki Association-related activities globally, such as summer institutes, workshops, and parent talks. Miss Amanda Limón actively encourages her students to engage in masterclasses with fellow colleagues, providing a platform for refining technical and musical skills. Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives, she advocates for seeking feedback from other teachers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. This holistic approach ensures that students not only excel in their musical prowess but also thrive within a supportive community dedicated to their overall artistic and personal growth


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